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May 1, 2018

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$747,900 Awarded Since 2001

Funding cycles occur twice annually, in May and November

Funding decisions are made by the Miccio Board of Directors

A Not-For-Profit Corporation Created for Benevolent and Educational Purposes

The Miccio Foundation is named for Dr. Ursula Delworth's first cat, Miccio (pronounced mee chee o). It supports projects that address the well-being of animals in the State of Iowa, with primary focus on companion animals.

Since 2001, we have awarded nearly $747,900 in grant monies. Funds can be used for, but are not limited to, such projects as humane education, start-up programs, medical care and equipment, spay/neuter programs, caging, and adoption support. These projects should have an immediate, direct and measurable effect on improving animal welfare in the target community.

“Ursula’s legacy is the vision of a more humane world for animals and humans alike."

Kathleen Janz
Miccio Foundation Board of Directors President (2007-2011)

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