The Miccio Foundation

Jean M. Walker Grant Application

(Awards up to $2,500)

The Jean M. Walker grant is designed to raise public awareness to improve the humane treatment of Iowa animals. This grant will be awarded to individuals and organizations 1) providing educational programming on the humane treatment of Iowa animals and 2) taking action to end inhumane treatment of Iowa animals, particularly the abuse and suffering of companion animals bred under inhumane conditions.


Enter the requested information into fields below, print this page and attach to the front of your grant application packet. Post marked deadlines for grant applications are May 1 and November 1. Provide SEVEN copies of all your grant material including this cover page!


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How to Write a Jean M. Walker Miccio Grant

Please include the following (typed) information with your grant application.


  1. Describe the project.
  2. Project benefits.
  3. Who is going to do this project? (i.e. contractor, employee, volunteers?)
  4. What is the estimated project timeline?
  5. Summary of Financing:

  6. If not fully funded, is this project still feasible? If yes, how will you secure additional funding?


  7. What area does your organization serve?
  8. Please list your current board members, officers and directors.

Submit Your Application to:

The Miccio Foundation
P. O. Box 522
Iowa City, Iowa 52244-0522

Provide SEVEN copies of all your grant material.

We appreciate you taking the time to make your grant proposals look professional but it is not necessary to do anything more than staple the proposals. Plastic binders, cardboard folders, etc. are not needed. We do ask that you respond to each item above and that you write-out headings in your proposal that match the numerical questions/requests.