About Ursula Delworth

The Miccio Foundation was founded in 2000 by Ursula Delworth, a professor of counseling psychology at The University of Iowa. Dr. Delworth died in May 2000 before fully realizing her dream of a foundation for the benefit of Iowa's animals. Although her position as professor at the University was demanding, she spent many years actively working for animal welfare in Johnson County, Iowa. She served as President of the Johnson County Humane Society and helped establish its foster care program as well as the Florence Unash spay/neuter program. She also served as a member of the Animal Control Advisory Board for Iowa City/Coralville and volunteered in many different capacities at the Iowa City/Coralville Animal Shelter.

Ursula Delworth
1934 - 2000

In August of 2001, Dr. Delworth was named posthumously to the Iowa Women's Hall of Fame. Her friend, Ellen Heywood, accepted the award from Lt. Governor Sally J. Pederson on Dr. Delworth's behalf. Dr. Delworth was primarily cited for her professional commitment to the field of psychology, particularly as it pertains to women, and for her involvement with multicultural issues. Her ongoing work on behalf of animals was also recognized.

Dr. Delworth's persistence, knowledge of issues affecting animals and genuine love for them made her a moving force as she worked on their behalf. The Board of Directors of the Miccio Foundation strives to continue her legacy of caring for the animals of Iowa. The Miccio Foundation's goal is to assist groups and individuals in Iowa with a similar purpose.

May 24, 2010 marked the tenth anniversary of Ursula Delworth’s death. Prior to her death Ursula requested that board members should meet for a Foundation dinner once a year. In the early years of the Foundation, board members were likely to have been friends or at least acquaintances of Ursula. This year, when it came time to toast Ursula’s memory, we realized that only one of the board members had actually known Ursula. As a result, the Board contacted a few of Ursula's friends and colleagues to help us preserve Ursula's memory. We posted some of the memories of Ursula they shared with us.